Social Media

Social media is so important to any business, large or small; that's why it can feel like trying to climb a mountain every week finding interesting content or relevant posts to keep your audience engaged.

Social media seems so second nature to us millennials but some might wonder about having a career “being on social media all day”…yes its a career and it’s that important to your business. Almost 60% of small business have a social media presence*…is your business one of those?

That's where I come in.

Social Media Management

Does content creation scare you? Does keeping up with posting everyday and maybe multiple times a day sound daunting? Do you know the analytics of your social media?

If these questions make your heart race a little faster, then I can definitely help. As someone who was raised in the age of ever-changing technology and social platforms, I am overly qualified (thank you mindless scrolling on instagram) to help you out. It is crucial for businesses small and large to have a social presence. I can help you figure out the right platforms and posts for your business needs. I do everything from account set up and basics to posting to breaking down analytics.

Photos & Graphic Design

Whether you've got a stock pile of great photos, need me to take some, or want me to use my own, I'm all ears!

I am well versed in graphic design and can help create graphics, stories, icons, highlight covers, and more! Scroll down to see some of my work!

Strategy + Analytics


“Most viewers take less than three seconds to scan
a full web-page and form their first impressions.
The next thing they look for? A company’s logo.
— Tailor Brands

More Services

Have questions about anything else I do/can do? Don't see what you're looking for here? Don't hesitate to contact me!

I consider myself to be professional millennial which includes things like creating mood boards, finding great brunch spots, avoiding talking on the phone, and I can find a good deal almost anywhere I go (I swear - my friends will back me up).

I’m a creative person so can find a solution to almost anything (I’m not very good with a sewing machine but oddly good with power tools) so let me know if you have an out of the box project or something you think I could accomplish - I’m always up for a good challenge.











-Month to month pricing
-Project basis pricing

I am a firm believer in getting the most bang for your buck - that’s why I don’t have standard pricing for my clients. If you’d like to chat (or text or email) about some pricing options, click the ‘Contact Me’ button and drop me a line!


Some of my recent work…

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